Can a Non-US Citizens Buy Real Estate in the United States

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Can a Non-US Citizen or Immigrant Buy Real Estate in the United States? YES! YOU CAN BUY PROPERTY IN THE US IF YOU ARE A NON-US CITIZEN!

Do you want to move to the US or buy excellent investment property here in the United States? Now is an excellent time to buy!

The United States continues to attract international visitors, temporary residents, and immigrants all potential home buyers. In 2011, about 1 million persons gained permanent residency status, and another 1 million were admitted as non-resident workers in specialty occupations. The term international client refers to two types of purchasers of properties.

Type A: Foreign clients with permanent residences outside the U.S. These clients typically purchase property for investments, vacations, or visits of less than six months to the U.S.

Type B: Clients who are recent immigrants (in the country less than two years) or temporary visa holders residing for more than six months in the U.S. for professional,educational, or other reasons.

buying a homeHere are some of the most recent statistics about International Home Buyers purchasing property in the US:

For the 12 months ending March 2013, the total sales volume to international clients (“international sales”) is estimated at $68.2 billion, which is approximately 6.3 percent of the total U.S. Existing Homes Sales (EHS) market of $ 1.08 trillion for the same period. Of total international transactions, $34.8 billion is attributed to Type A clients (51%) and $ 33.4 billion to Type B clients (49%). The computations are delineated in the Appendix.  This most recent data is taken from Highlights from the Profile of International Home Buying Activity 2013 report.

buy a houseCan a Non-US Citizen get a mortgage loan to buy a real estate or property in the US?

YES! Qualifying for a mortgage is actually quite an easy process, if you would like to get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan to purchase real estate in the US, please don’t hesitate to call me (424)229-0878 or email me “” anytime as I personally work with some of the best mortgage brokers and bankers that handle International Mortgage Loans.

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If you are thinking of buying Real Estate in the United States, Give me a call or email me today! I am an International Real Estate Specialist and would love to assist you with your home buying or investment property purchases.


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